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Mridangam school of Art is one of the India’s most prominent and most prestigious institute for performing arts which has a wide range of services of musical disciplines covering both Indian and Western music instruments,

Dance With Us

Once a Dancer, is Always a Dancer


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    Join Our Dance Class

    Learn Bollywood, Classical, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Salsa with our best qualified Dance Gurus.

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    Martial Art

    Great Opportunity To Learn Mix Martial Art, Chinese Martial Art And Karate

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    We Bridge Both Established And Fresh Talent Through Education, Production At Our Studio And Through Artist Sessions And Workshops.

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    We Aims To Develop Skills Among Students In The Arts Of Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media And Sculpture.

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    Fitness Class That Combines Interval Cardio And Strength Training Exercises In A Fun And Energetic Group Setting Led By An Instructor.

    We Provide Service Since 2008

    Join a Global In Modern Dance Community

    Dance Choreographer With 12+ Years Of Experience In Teaching And Choreographing Events (School, Corporates & Sangeeth). We Furnish Our Students With The Cutting Edge Instruments And 24x7 Assistance.

    Dance has proved to be the universal language of love, peace, and harmony. Dance is a strong yet fun medium to unfold creativity, boost confidence, enhance social skills, and productivity, build team spirit, trust, and more. It has proved to be the best form of expression, stress release, fitness, and therapy.

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    Mridangam School Of Art
    Mridangam School Of Art
    Find The One For You

    Choose Your Dance Style

    Find The One For You

    Bollywood Dance Class

    Our experienced dance instructors will teach you dynamic and lively Bollywood dance routines. Get ready to move to the beats of Bollywood music and express yourself through dance.

    Find The One For You

    Hip-Hop Dance Class

    Are you ready to unleash your inner rhythm and master the art of Hip Hop dance? Join us for an exciting dance class where you'll learn the latest moves, grooves, and urban dance styles that define the world of Hip Hop.

    Mridangam School Of Art
    Mridangam School Of Art

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    Apply For Modern Dance Classes

    Train under the best dance choreographers. Apply Now for dance lessons only a dance studio and learn different dance styles form all over the world like tango, break, hiphop, waltz, and more.

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    Dance Teacher

    Our Professional Instructor

    Mridangam School Of Art
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