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Mridangam school of Art is one of the India’s most prominent and most prestigious institute for performing arts which has a wide range of services of musical disciplines covering both Indian and Western music instruments,

Dance Classes


Contemporary Dance

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Contemporary Dance at Mridangam School Of Art , where artistic expression and fluid movement take center stage. Our Contemporary Dance program is crafted to ignite creativity, challenge conventional boundaries, and allow dancers to explore the beauty of self-expression through movement.

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Bollywood Dance Class

Get ready to groove to the beats of Bollywood music with our high-energy choreography. Our skilled instructors create dynamic routines that incorporate the latest dance trends while staying true to the exuberance and excitement that define Bollywood dance.

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Classical Dance Class

Classical dance is a storytelling art form, and we believe in honing the dancer's ability to convey narratives through movement. Our classes emphasize the nuances of expression, gesture, and emotion, allowing dancers to communicate powerful stories with every step and gesture.

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Dive into the world of exhilarating rhythms and infectious beats with our Zumba Fitness Dance class! If you're looking for a fun and effective way to stay fit while dancing your heart out, this class is the perfect blend of fitness and dance, suitable for all levels.

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Led by our skilled Krump instructor, this workshop is designed for dancers of all levels, whether you're a seasoned performer or a beginner eager to explore a new and exciting dance form. You'll learn the foundations of Krump, including the iconic chest pops, stomps, arm swings, and intricate footwork that define this expressive dance style.

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Step into the vibrant world of Latin rhythm and sensual movements with our Sizzling Salsa Dance Classes! If you're ready to spice up your dance repertoire and ignite the dance floor, our salsa classes are the perfect fusion of passion, elegance, and energy.

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Hip-Hop Dance

Unleash your inner groove and get ready to break it down in our electrifying Hip-Hop Fusion Dance class! Designed for dancers of all levels, this dynamic and high-energy class combines the latest urban dance styles with classic hip-hop moves to create a sizzling dance experience.

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Cardio Dance

Our motivating instructors will break down the moves, ensuring everyone can follow along and enjoy the party atmosphere. As you dance to the latest and greatest tunes, you'll not only improve your cardiovascular fitness but also tone and sculpt your body in a way that feels like dancing, not working out.

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Break Dance

In this immersive workshop, you'll not only learn the technical aspects of Break Dance but also delve into the culture, history, and individuality that make this dance style truly unique. Our instructor will guide you through building strength, mastering balance, and creating your signature moves.

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